Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide executive search on a retained or contingency basis?

Claymore Partners primarily works on a performance based retained search basis where we are the exclusive firm representing our client in the marketplace and can invest the time and effort to truly understand our client’s needs, culture, and competitive landscape. We require an initial retainer; however, most of our executive search fees are usually tied directly to the delivery of top talent for our clients. We generally receive a portion of our fees when a slate of qualified candidates is accepted by for interviews and then the remainder of our fees when a candidate is hired. We also provide an appropriate guarantee period as part of our agreement. This approach provides our clients with a dedicated firm that will best represent them in the marketplace while being committed to filling the search with a top quality candidate. In this manner, Claymore Partners and the client are both making an investment in the search, which truly aligns our mutual interests.


How is Claymore Partners different than other executive search firms?

We are focused on specific segments of the financial service industry including banking, insurance, payment products, marketing and consulting firms. Our in depth knowledge and experience in these segments enables Claymore Partners to deliver higher value to our clients. Each of our Directors has in depth industry experience in the markets we serve which best enables us to understand the markets, client talent needs, and candidate experience. Our clients also receive the direct involvement of our senior principals as a boutique search and consulting firm.

Claymore Partners also works with a limited number of clients to best serve them via an ongoing relationship and minimize “off limit” sourcing situations. Our relationship based approach enables our recruiters to really understand an organization’s culture, talent needs, and recruitment processes resulting in delivering better quality candidates, faster, and with greater hiring manager satisfaction. We not only know how to identify the best talent, but also promote a value proposition that will attract the desired talent to your organization.

Candidates often tell us that we are very different from other firms in terms of timelines, service levels, communication, and providing valuable inputs to aid their understanding of opportunities and career paths. Claymore Partners seeks to treat candidates the way that they wanted to be treated when they were candidates themselves.


What is it like to work with Claymore Partners?

Claymore Partners is dedicated to the highest standards of service and delivery of top quality talent that is a strong fit with our client organizations. We believe that top talent is what makes the difference in organizational performance for our clients as well as our own firm. Therefore, we only present and work with the best talent available. It is our dedication and integrity that also sets us apart from many of our competitors in this space. Our clients know this and respect us for our openness and commitment as well.

Claymore Partners concentrates on gaining an in depth knowledge of our client’s talent needs, the performance expectations for the role, and the cultural fit essential for short and long term candidate success. We invest significant time and resources to ensure that upfront in every assignment. Our efforts are well planned including specific time commitments for delivery and strong communications on progress and candidate status. We seek to operate as an extension of our client organization in the marketplace in every aspect of our work and in our belief system.

Claymore Partners also takes pride in “being brutally honest” with our candidates providing them with timely feedback on opportunities, assessments of their experience and fit with those opportunities, and candid feedback on potential career paths. As former candidates ourselves in working with top search firms, we are committed to providing quality service and feedback for the candidates we work with.

We are passionate about our work efforts and serving our clients and candidates by delivering top results, which is ultimately the key difference in working with Claymore Partners.


Where did the name Claymore Partners come from?

Claymore Partners reflects a number of factors including that the Managing Director lived at The Claymore in Singapore. Living at The Claymore and traveling throughout Asia provided significant global insights on the importance of top talent that provided the basis for Claymore Partners.

In addition, when further investigating the name, we found that the Claymore sword, which was forged in Scotland during the fifteenth century, created a significant battlefield advantage for hundreds of years and is recognized as a prestigious symbol throughout the world. It was somewhat smaller than other two-handed swords of the era, and was widely feared because its lightness made it faster in combat than its European counterparts. It was also an effective disarming weapon because of the design of the cross-guard, which allowed for maneuvering the weapon in such a way that it would wrench an opponent’s sword free. Claymore Partners believes that is provides significant advantages in terms of speed and strategic insight for its clients and is recognized as a prestigious boutique executive search organization.

We also chose to be known as Claymore Partners to emphasize that we seek to “partner” with our clients to deliver top quality candidates and services. We also strive to “partner” with our candidates in their career development and among our employees and service providers to best create advantages for our clients and candidates.


Please contact us at 203 987 4641 to learn more about our Talent Sourcing Processes and fit with your needs