How We Operate


Claymore Partners utilizes well defined and proven search processes to work with its clients and candidates in order to best deliver the desired results from our efforts. While Claymore Partners customizes our approaches to meet the specific needs of our clients and candidates, we find that the best results come from deploying a disciplined and well structured search process.

Those processes ensure that we canvas the full market while focusing on the specific targets that will yield the best results. We utilize technology enabled research and social media sourcing approaches as well as our referral networks.

Our screening approaches then enable us to present only those candidates that will fit the agreed upon search criteria as well as cultural and organization fit which is critical for long term success. Our effectiveness in deploying these search processes is greatly enhanced by working in a close partnership with our clients and candidates as well as from our deep industry and business experience in these arenas. Claymore Partners is dedicated to effective communications with both its clients and candidates to ensure high levels of customer service and understanding among all parties. Our deep industry knowledge also enables us to work quickly with both clients and candidates while establishing an immediate level of trust, which is so critical for success in the executive search business.

Please contact us at 203 987 4641 to learn more about our Talent Sourcing Processes and fit with your needs.