Claymore Partners works closely with senior and mid level executives to present exciting new opportunities that are a strong fit with their experience, organizational style, and career objectives. Opportunities need to represent an attractive fit for both client organizations and top candidates to have long term, successful placements and relationships. Claymore Partners works with numerous candidates over many years as their careers develop whether or not we have made a placement for them. We maintain an extensive candidate data base and ongoing relationships with top quality candidates in the core markets we serve.

In general, the candidate process has four major stages as follows:


Determine Candidate Objectives and Competencies

Claymore Partners initiates candidate discussions around a specific search we are conducting. Initial candidate discussions are to determine their career objectives, desired next position and type of employer, organizational culture fit, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their current position, professional experience and education, and core competencies.  We find that there typically needs to be both a reason to leave a current employer and a compelling reason to take a new position.

Evaluate Fit with Current Searches

Claymore Partners and the candidate engage in dialogue to determine if there is a strong fit between a candidate’s objectives and capabilities with a specific search that is currently being conducted. Typically, a candidate is being contacted in regards to a specific search, but if that search is not a fit we will evaluate their fit with other current searches as well as future searches that arise. We frequently introduce candidates to others to network with in other cases for them to learn more about other career paths.

Present to Client

Claymore Partners develops an Executive Summary to present a candidate to a specific client that summarizes the candidate’s professional experience, education and training, key competencies, career path and objectives, compensation structure, and interest in that position. This is based upon numerous discussions with the candidate on the telephone and in person. Claymore Partners typically discusses the candidate with the client’s human resource and hiring executives to also provide additional insights and respond to questions. Once the client agrees to interview a candidate, Claymore Partners works with the candidate to prepare for those discussions including STARs to provide examples demonstrating key competencies and development of questions.

Candidate Interview Preparation

Prepare STARs for each key competency:

  • Situation, Task, Actions, Results
  • Use this framework to provide all examples in this order
  • Competencies such as leadership, teamwork, expertise, new business development, implementation effectiveness, etc.

Candidate Interviewing Questions

We work with candidates to ask questions that not only enable you to learn more about a position, but also position you in the role in the eyes of the interviewer such as:

  • What would you want to be my top priorities for the first 90 days in this position?
  • What would be the biggest challenges you anticipate when I would be in this role?
  • How would you want to work with me in this capacity – daily updates, informal discussion, etc.?
  • What is your management style and how would you like to balance that with someone like me?
  • How would you define success for me in this role over the first six months, one year? How would you plan to measure and monitor my progress?

During each stage of the interviewing process, Claymore Partners provides timely feedback and coaching for the candidate to best understand what is happening in the process and to enable the candidate to best represent them with the client. Claymore Partners typically conducts reference checks with the candidate’s agreement and then works on presenting and negotiating the offer.

Provide Ongoing Support

Claymore Partners works with placed candidates to best ensure that they are successful in their new roles. Typically, Claymore Partners conducts a preparatory session prior to the candidate initiating their new role to best enable them to be successful during the transition period with a focus on becoming part of the new organization. Frequently, we work on an initial 100 day plan with a candidate to utilize in their new position. We also conduct a one month and three month progress review to see how a candidate is doing in their new role and provide guidance on how to best be successful in that organization.

Executive Career Services

Claymore Partners selectively provides fee based Executive Career Services to support top quality candidates with a series of support including:

  • Resume development
  • One minute pitch development
  • STAR development
  • Career Objective Setting and Planning
  • Target employer lists development
  • Marketing campaign development and implementation

Please contact us at 203 987 4641 to learn more about our Talent Sourcing Processes and fit with your needs.