Claymore Partners is dedicated to serving our clients seeking to add significant value and build long-term client relationships. We utilize proven methodologies and processes supported by enabling technologies and only senior resources to deliver top quality services to our clientele. Claymore Partners believes that we need to operate as an extension of our client’s organization and a strategic partner rather than purely as a vendor in order to truly deliver value.

Our Talent Sourcing Process is comprised of the following major work steps:


Talent Need Assessment

Our process is based upon having a sound definition of the talent needed by our client to excel in performing a key organizational role and deliver desired performance objectives. This is a critical foundation to ensure that the client organization has a consistent and clear talent need identified that is well communicated to Claymore Partners as the basis of the search assignment. We strive to identify critical executive and management talent requirements on a number of bases including:

  • Essential, needed, and nice to have competency requirements
  • Key performance objectives and expectations for this role
  • Cultural and personality fit dynamics and the operating environment
  • Career path as well as challenges and opportunities in this role
  • Experience requirements
  • Value Proposition and Key selling points for this role and organization

Talent Requirements Definition

We will then develop a specific talent requirement specification for the client’s input and approval as the basis for gaining alignment to further pursue the search in the marketplace. This document serves to ensure that we have a strong understanding of the talent need as well providing a marketing tool to gain the interest of targeted executives for this specific position and organization.

Talent Sourcing Strategy Development

Claymore Partners will develop and discuss a talent sourcing strategy for client review and modification to ensure that we are seeking the desired talent in a highly focused and targeted manner. The talent sourcing strategy typically includes primary and secondary targeted current employers/competitors, current roles/positions held, and current location or relocation as well as the use of the employer’s name, niche job boards, and/or associations for sourcing. The talent sourcing strategy may be further refined after the initial sourcing efforts to better focus or refocus our efforts to obtain the desired candidates.

Talent Sourcing and Screening

Claymore Partners sourcing is based upon significant primary research, social media networks, executive date bases, and use of our proprietary databases for direct sourcing and referrals. Our research includes use of corporate databases, online resources, and internet search techniques as well as leveraging our deep contacts in the financial services and consulting industries to rapidly source the top talent desired by our clients. We typically meet personally or conduct video conferences with each of our presented candidates and have multiple in depth telephone dialogues during the retained search process.  For exclusive contingency searches, we typically conduct several telephone interviews.

We seek to provide a diverse set of candidates in each of our searches to ensure that our clients have access to the best candidates available the marketplace.

Our screening efforts are based upon a candidate’s experience vs. the desired requirements as well as a case based approach to demonstrate the key competencies essential for a role. Our competency case based approach asks candidates to define specific examples of their demonstrated success in particular areas by providing the Situation, Tasks, Actions, and Results of their efforts. We conduct reference checks when appropriate in the search process to further gain insights into the candidate’s fit for the particular role.

Talent Selection and Hiring Support

We present a slate of the best candidates to be interviewed by the relevant client hiring authorities along with a written profile of each reflecting their work experience, fit with desired requirements, and competency examples. Claymore Partners works with the client to also define their interviewing and selection approaches to ensure an effective process for the client and candidate. We frequently present the candidates on a rolling basis to speed up the efforts and enable adjustments in the hiring process.

Candidates are debriefed after each round of interviews to gain their perspectives regarding fit with the role and organization as well as questions or concerns they may have. These perspectives are shared with the client as well as gaining the client’s feedback on each candidate and next steps in the process.

Claymore Partners works with the client organization to come to a hiring decision via a well orchestrated approach. We help determine the compensation and other requirements necessary to attract the desired candidate and develop a strategy for successfully completing the hire working in conjunction with the client team.

Please contact us at 203 987 4641 to learn more about our Talent Sourcing Processes and fit with your needs.