Who We Are

slide1hgClaymore Partners specializes in providing critical talent for financial service institutions and the consulting organizations that serve them. We source and develop executive, senior and middle management candidates that best meets the specific needs and culture of our client organizations.

Claymore Partners is comprised of seasoned executive search directors with significant direct experience as proven executives in the financial services and consulting businesses. Claymore Partners is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Claymore Partners provides high-value executive search services by having our senior directors directly perform searches to best meet the specific needs of our client organizations. We operate as a strategic executive search partner for our clients and operate as an integral part of their team and processes to enable a strong feel for their culture and talent processes.

We deliver desired results for our clients through the combination of deep experience, industry expertise, strategic talent perspectives, proven methodologies, and performance dedication. Our value is delivered to our clients by efficiently delivering top talent that truly meets our client’s desired executive skills and experience requirements within their search time frames. Claymore Partners leverages its deep understanding of the financial services, insurance, payment products, marketing and consulting businesses; vast industry contacts and established networks; extensive candidate database and technology enabled research capabilities to rapidly identify and deliver the best talent to meet our client’s needs.  Our experienced Directors are also expert are establishing and communicating your value proposition for your organization and the position for desired candidates.

Identifying the top talent that really makes a significant performance difference for your organization requires having the experience to make perceptive and discerning judgments based upon astute and experienced observations and detection. We know the difference between the “real thing” and the “pretenders”. Enabling an organization to obtain that desired talent requires a deep understanding or your industry, organization and specific needs along with the ability to match a candidate with a client’s capability requirements and cultural fit. Claymore Partners Directors have that deep experience, eye for talent, and organizational understanding as specialists in the Financial Services and Consulting arenas. We have personally run these types of businesses and have hired hundreds of employees ourselves.

Claymore Partners not only works hard to identify the best talent available in the marketplace, but also develops a strong “value proposition” message to excite that talent about an opportunity with our client’s organization.  Our experience enables us to deliver that top talent for your consideration through a thorough understanding of the unique aspects of your organization, the executive team, and the position itself.  In addition, Claymore Partners works closely with the presented candidates throughout the recruitment process to best ensure they are truly a strong fit for the position and organization as well as that the opportunity is a great opportunity for their career development. We also work to maintain their interest in the position and are well informed and prepared throughout the recruitment process.

Claymore PartnersDelivering Select Executive Talent for Leading Financial Service and Consulting Firms.